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     Falling asleep has always been the greatest task for me, ever since I had been born. As I finally began to doze off, after several hours of counting stars, I heard the sound of footsteps. Most children would cower in their bed with their blanket, but not me, being curious is one of my signature attributes. I slowly climbed out of my bed and sneakily crept to my bedroom door. As I followed the sound of the footsteps down the hall, to my surprise I saw my father Lord Keyon walking towards the front door, with a huge bag bursting at the seams. I called out to him "Father, where are you going?"

        Without even looking back at me he opened the door. Outside there were men carrying torches and weapons fighting each other. Father then stepped out into the night and closed the door behind him. Shocked I just stood there not knowing what to do. Should I run and find out what’s going on, or do I go and wake my mother Lady Ena to tell her what had just played out in front of me. Frozen like a statue I couldn’t move.

        I realized how long I had been standing there only after inhaling a mouthful of smoke. I started coughing and gagging… I couldn't breathe; I began to panic when suddenly a hand guided me through the smoke. Once we had gotten outside of the house I looked up to see my older brother Corin's face covered in ash, and noticed that the people that were outside fighting were not there anymore.

        “We need to find Mother!" He exclaimed

      I nodded. We both saw the figure of a lady standing on top of a hill in the distance. We recognized her as our mother, and sprinted towards her. When we had made it up the hill we saw Mother’s tear stricken face. Standing by her side was our head servant Maida. Mother wrapped us up in her warm arms and whispered in our ears "I love you,” After she had spoken these words, the soldiers came up from behind us and surrounded her, and they took her away. To keep us from running after her Maida held us back.

        “Mama!" I cried after her

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