The Man Wakes to a Memory of His Past

Posted by arcofdescent on August 24, 2015 3:21 pm

Despite the treacherous road, I subconsciously retreated into my thoughts….

I remembered the Blackness of the room, the confusion, and a sharp pain in my head almost too much for me to bear.  My fuzzy mind slowly regained focus as l slowly sat up.  I opened my eyes cautiously only to be dazzled by colorful and unfocused phantoms spinning around in my vision. I felt as if I were sitting in a carrousel trying to focus my eyes on a stationary ghostly face while the world kept spinning.  After a few moments, my environment began to resolve around me.  The spinning lessoned and I found myself in a small poorly lit and grayish room.  The dark silhouette of a man framed in a glass doorway at the far in of my enclosure. 

I reflexively covered my eyes and cowered away from the visage.  The sudden movement once again caused a sharp, splitting pain into my head, which traveled through my whole body and caused my fingers to shudder. I found myself gripping the floor cool wet cement that I sat on. My brain felt like it had fractured along the equator and two hemispheres rested peacefully on the floor next to my crumpled body.  After what seemed like an eternity in the absurd silence, my broken body slowly gained some composure.  I open my eyes to just a slit and a beam of light from the far side of the room shot through my head.  My eyes had not become accustomed to brightness.  As my pupils slowly contracted, the outlines and images surrounding me came into the focus. I propped myself up against the wall, bringing me into a slouched sitting position on the cold, slick floor.  I scanned the room quickly and noticed the walls were not uniformly painted.  Upon closer inspection, I found the walls to be covered with etched words, numbers, and symbols, thousands painstakingly written by whom I could only assume were the previous occupants of what was now obvious to be a cell.  The utter immensity of the amount of writing caused so much overlap that everything was made virtually indecipherable. A long narrow door directly in front of me provided the only light in the room.  In the door frame, there appeared to be some type of glass, but seemed to pulse slowly and rhythmically with a low light source and glow around the edges suggesting that it was something more than glass. No one except me was in the room.

Being overcome with fear and paranoia and no memory suggesting who I was or why I was here, I laid my head back down on the cool floor. I closed my eyes for what seemed like a brief moment. 

Consciousness returned and I slowly opened by eyes to continue surveying my surroundings.  As I did this, a giant face looming over me and peering into my eyes assaulted my vision. 

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