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Throughout human history man attempted to create a systematic and impartial method of judging others. He has failed.

The rain began to fall more heavily as the imbalanced wipers darted back and forth across the windshield of the black car whipping across the barren terrain. From the vantage point of the cockpit, two small dots of light materialized on the horizon and continued to grow as the oncoming car approached the dark interior. As lights bloomed they hit the surface of the wet road, the beams shot up into the sky like spotlights searching the night for some otherworldly spectra. The car approached. It seemed to accelerate and grow louder while blinding me to my surroundings.  My palms began to sweat involuntarily as if I had done something wrong--Me!  No sooner had my apprehension grown; it began to subside as the oncoming car retreated in my rearview mirror.  

"Why am I so tense?" I thought.  

The wind whistled through the rain as it screamed earthbound muting all other sound and demanding immediate attention. The low mountains along the horizon were hardly noticeable, but provided a weak counterpoint of a low-slung line along the horizon which eventually met up with the dotted lines on the weather-beaten road.  With nothing but my fevered thoughts and memories to accompany me, I began to retreat inward and my thoughts and memories began flashing on the windshield like a maddening kaleidoscopic slideshow.


“Are you screaming?” I thought to myself.

I thought it had been a memory, but it was me in a cold sweat and careening towards the embankment on the far side of the road howling like the undead. 

“God, I’m glad there’s no traffic tonight!”

Memories are the punishment of a lifetime of living.  There is no escape and there is no where to run.  They will always find you—lurking the shadows with glowing red eyes.

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